• National theatre

    The new theatre, located on the left shore of river Vardar in Skopje, built on the foundation from the old theatre which was destroyed in the 1963 earthquake. Positioned on 7200 square meters, divided into two halls with exactly 937 seats.

    National theatre
  • Holocaust memorial center for the jews in Macedonia

    On 10th March 2011 in Skopje, the Holocaust memorial center for the jews in Macedonia was inaugurated, after Israel, Washington and Berlin, this memorial center is the fourth in the world. The museum building is composed of two wings with three floors.

    Holocaust memorial center for the jews in Macedonia
  • Museum of IMRO and Macedonian Struggle

    Located in Skopje, the capital city of Republic of Macedonia, on the left side of the river Vardar. The construction of the museum began on June 11th, 2008, and was opened to the public on the 20th anniversary of the declaration of independence of Republic of Macedonia, on September 8th, 2011.

    Museum of IMRO and Macedonian Struggle
  • Hydroelectric power plant “Matka”

    Except building and road construction, our company has done hydro-construction works, one of them is the hydroelectric power plant “Matka”, which is located in the canyon Matka near Skopje.

    Hydroelectric power plant “Matka”
  • Hotel – casino “Flamingo”

    The complex is located immediately adjacent on the border with Greece, situated over 30 000 sq/m and 12.000 sq/m build-up area.


    Hotel – casino “Flamingo”

Perfection of design prepared by the research and design institute, having more than 18 engineers, 10 technicians and other university level personnel can always stand for quality of the works undertaken by Beton-Stip.

The modern building machines and equipment, permanently being renewed and replaced by even more up to date ones, are a constituent bringing about high quality time schedules.

Beton’s diligent workers took a share in all aspects of building of our country, including industrial structures, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges, dams and many other troughout Macedonia.

While building so, Beton built itself and its specific style of construction not only in Macedonia but in many towns in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Iraq, Libya, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.