About us

zanas┬áThe Construction Trading Company BETON – STIP is a joint stock company which successfully exists and develops for almost half a century. BETON-STIP designs and executes objects of the highest quality in all fields of civil engineering and building construction.

After the transformation of the Construction Company BETON A.D. Skopje in 1995 into 10 new subsidiaries, based on a territorial principle, BETON-STIP exists as an independent company. Our workers have taken a share in all aspects of building of our country – Republic of Macedonia, including industrial structures, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges, dams and many other structures. After its growth on the domestic market, BETON-STIP started to undertake even the most complicated constructions abroad: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Iraq, Libya, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan, Yugoslavija…

The expressed satisfaction of the clients about the expeditiousness and the quality of the executed works have always presented a great reward for us. The fact that we are present on the markets out of the Republic of Macedonia for more than 30 years, confirms the confidence achieved through the years.

We hope that you will find basic facts about us in our presentation and you will be challenged to contact us for further cooperation.

At the shareholder’s annual meeting held on 21.12.2012, our company was transformed from two-tier management system into company with tier management system. Later, on 24.4.2012 the following were elected as members of the Board of directors: Zorancho Mitrovski as president of the board, Vanche Mijalchev as CEO, Valentina Dimovska, Todor Mirchevski and Cvetan Pandeleski as non-executive members.